EVG®101 Advanced Resist Processing System

Single wafer processing in R&D and small scale production.


  • Max. wafer size: 300 mm
  • Max. square substrate size (edge length): 200 mm
  • Max. number of spin modules: 1
  • Spray coating:
    Spray nozzle programmable parameters: Speed (rpm),
    acceleration (rpm/s), absolute position
    Park position and dummy dispense
  • Spin coating:
    Drive unit up to 10.000rpm, ramp-up speed up to 40.000 rpm/s
    Park position and dummy dispense
  • Developing:
    Pressurized tank, flow control
    Nitrogen nozzle for atomizing developer in spray mode;
    also suitable for puddle and stream (rinse) develop
    Park position and dummy dispense
  • Automation options:
    Resist pumps for spin coating:
    - For resist viscosities up to 52000cP
    - Up to 15ml dispense volume, up to 5ml/s dispense rate
    - Suckback programmable for best uniformity
    Resist pumps for spray coating:
    - Precise flow control 10µl/s up to 200µl/s for low viscosity resist