Resist Processing Systems

The EVG100 series resist processing systems establish new standards in quality and flexibility for photo resist coating and developing.
Designed to provide the widest range of process variations, the EVG100 series' modularity accepts spin and spray coating, developing, bake and chill modules to suit your individual production requirements. These systems accommodate the processing of an extensive range of materials such as positive and negative resists, polyimides, double-sided coating of thin resist layers, high viscosity resists, and edge protection coatings.

EVG resist processing systems provide a high degree of versatility. They can process wafers from 2" to 300mm diameter, rectangle, square or even irregular shaped substrates. Also, these systems can handle more than one substrate size, up to 200mm, with no or a very short tooling time. Additional features such as wafer edge handling or thin wafer handling are regularly provided for customers. EVG also offers systems for larger substrate sizes, e.g. for the field of display manufacturing. These functions provide for a wide range of applications in MEMS/MOEMS and semiconductor markets. As with all EVG processing systems, the equipment can be configured for high volume production or R&D environments.