EVG®720 Automated UV Nanoimprint Lithography System


UV Nanoimprint Solution for Nanopatterning:

The EVG® 720 system leverages EVG's innovative SmartNIL technology and EVG's materials expertise to enable mass manufacturing of micro- and nanoscale structures. Capable of printing nanostructures as small as 40 nm* over a large area with unmatched throughput and low cost of ownership, the EVG720 system with SmartNIL technology is ideally suited for volume production of optics, photonics, light emitting diodes (LED), microfluidics and other bioMEMS devices, as well as advanced data storage.

EVG® 720 automated UV Nanoimprint System Features:

  • Optimized for high throughput (more than 40 wph*)
  • Integrated stamp manufacturing, which eliminates the need for stand-alone stamp replication systems and lowers cost of ownership
  • Integrated electrostatic discharge reduces particle contamination
  • Optical clearance leaves no visible vacuum lines in the active imprint area
  • Maintenance friendly operation with no additional tubing and plumbing required
  • Top and/or bottom side alignment
  • Integrated separation of stamp and substrate -> structure geometry independent
  • Large area imprint (up to 150 mm square)
  • Open material platform for all commercially available imprint materials

*depending on process