EVG® ZoneBOND® Process Modules

For thin wafer debonding. 


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Technical Papers
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Integration of a Temporary Carrier in a TSV Process Flow
Abstract: Three-dimensional (3-D) wafer stacking technologies offer new possibilities in terms of device architecture and miniaturization [1-3]. To stack wafers, reliable throughsilicon vias (TSVs) and interconnections must be processed into ultrathin wafers, and such processing is made possible by new methods for wafer handling...

Advances in processing of compound semiconductor substrates
Abstract: Compound semiconductor materials such as GaAs and InP have distinct advantages over the more traditional silicon, chief of which is the greater electron mobility within the substrate, allowing greater use in low-noise, high gain applications. However, the advantages of these materials come with corresponding disadvantages...

High temperature–resistant spin-on adhesive for temporary wafer mounting using an automated high-throughput tooling solution
Abstract: Myriad structures for stacking chips, power devices, smart cards, and thin substrates for processors have one thing in common: thin silicon. Wafer thinning will soon be an essential process step for most of the devices fabricated and packaged henceforth. The key driving forces for thinned wafers are improved heat dissipation, three-dimensional stacking, reduced electrical resistance, and substrate flexibility...

High-performance temporary adhesives for wafer bonding applications
Abstract: This paper reviews a high temperature–resistant spin-on adhesive platform and the equipment solution used to apply the adhesive to a wafer, temporarily bond the wafer to a carrier, and debond the thinned wafer in an automated high-throughput method. The focus of this paper is on the physical and chemical properties of the spin-on adhesive material that enable an automated process...

Reversible wafer bonding for reliable compound semiconductor processing

Abstract: Reversible wafer bonding is a process enabling reliable compound semiconductor wafer handling for multi-step processes including photolithography, thinning, etching or coating. Two processes using wax and dry film adhesives are presented in this paper.

Temporary and permanent wafer bonding for reliable backside processing of compound semiconductor wafers
Abstract: This paper presents two wafer bonding methods used for III-V compound semiconductors processing. First method describes the use of aligned reversible wafer bonding of a device wafer to a rigid carrier wafer by wax intermediate layer for optimum handling. After backside thinning and processing the device wafer is easily debonded. This procedure enables a secure handling of brittle wafers...