EVG®850 Series Systems Based on the XT Frame Platform

For temporary bonding / debonding and thin wafer processing.


The new XT Frame architecture is an extension of EVG's field-proven standard equipment platform that extends process throughput and tool functionality and has specifically been designed to accommodate new requirements from EVG´s high-volume manufacturing customers.

EVG's new XT Frame platform provides an equipment front end module with up to 4 FOUP (front opening unified pod) load ports and an ultra-fast handling system supporting up to 9 modules.

This, combined with a material buffer in the shape of a FOUP storage system holding up to ten additional FOUPs, enables highly efficient continuous mode operation.

Moreover the new design addresses requirements such as high process flexibility through the combination of different types of process modules on the same piece of equipment, easy upgradeability, further improved serviceability and a small overall footprint in the fab.


  • EFEM (equipment front end module)
  • FSS (FOUP storage system)
  • CMO (continuous mode of operation)
  • Supporting up to 9 process modules
  • Significantly increased throughput

The new platform can, for example, further enhance the performance of EVG's benchmark temporary bonding/debonding and thin wafer processing systems.  Demo capabilities for the XT-Frame are now available on the EVG®850TB/DB, which also supports ZoneBOND® technology .