EVG®850DB Automated Debonding System

For debonding, cleaning and unloading of thin wafers.


After further process steps on the device wafer (temporary bonded on a carrier), which generally include back thinning, lithography, metallization, etching, through via processing, etc., the device wafer is subsequently debonded from the carrier substrate before unloading into the dedicated output format takes place. Dependent from the intermediate material, various debond and cleaning approaches are possible. As for waxes and thermo-plast materials a thermal-activated, mechanical slide-off is utilized. For UV-activated tapes, UV-exposure and wedge-off debond is utilized. All thinned substrates are safely processed within the EVG850DB by a special handling system.


  • Automated debonding for thermal release bonding agents such as wax or thermal release dry adhesive
  • UV-exposure for debonding of UV-activated tapes
  • Automated cleaning of debonded wafer and carrier
  • Reliable handling method of fragile materials
  • Bridge tool apability
  • Immediate Carrier Wafer Reuse
  • Options
    - ID reading
    - megasonic nozzle for cleaning
    - various output formats