EVG®850 Automated Production Bonding System for SOI and Direct Wafer Bonding

For a wide range of fusion/molecular wafer bonding applications.


  • Wafer / substrate sizes: 100 - 200 mm, 150 - 300 mm
  • Pre-bonding chamber:
    Alignment type: flat-to-flat or notch-to-notch
    Alignment accuracy: X and Y: ±50 µm, Theta: ±0.1°
    Bond force: up to 5 N
    Bond wave initiation position: flexible from wafer edge to center
    Vacuum system: 9x10-2mbar (standard) and 9x10-3mbar (option with turbo pump)
  • Cleaning station:
    open chamber, spinner and cleaning arm
    Chamber: made of PP or PFA (option)
    Cleaning media: DI-water (standard), other cleaning media (option)
    Spinner chuck: vacuum chuck (standard) and edge handling chuck (option) made of metal ion free and clean materials
    Rotation: up to 3000rpm, rotation up to 3000rpm in 5s
  • Megasonic nozzle (option):
    Frequency: 1 MHz (3 MHz option)
    Output Power: 30-60 W
    DI-water flow rate: up to 1.5 Liter/min
    Effective cleaning area: Ø 4.0 mm
    Material: PTFE
  • Megasonic area transducer (option):
    Frequency: 1 MHz (3 MHz option)
    Power: max. 2.5 W/cm² active areas (max. output 200 W)
    DI-water flow rate: up to 1.5 Liter/min
    Effective cleaning area: triangle shape that guarantees radio uniformity on whole wafers per each rotation
    Material: SS and Sapphire
  • Brush (option):
    Material:  PVA
    Programmable parameters: brush and wafer speed (rpm)
    Adjustable parameters: brush compression, media dispense
  • Automated wafer handling system:
    The field proven class 1 compatible wafer handling robot on EVG850 enables 24 hour automated cassette-to-cassette or FOUP-to-FOUP operation for the highest throughput. Surfaces in contact with wafers do not cause any metal ion contamination.
  • Optional features:
    - Class 1 mini-environment
    - LowTemp™ plasma activation chamber
    - IR-inspection station