EVG®850 Automated Production Bonding System for SOI and Direct Wafer Bonding

For a wide range of fusion/molecular wafer bonding applications.


SOI wafers are a promising new basic material for the microelectronics industry to produce faster and higher performance microelectronic devices. Wafer bonding, as one key enabling technology for the SOI wafer fabrication process, achieves high quality single crystal silicon films on insulating substrates. With the EVG850 SOI production bonding system, all essential steps for SOI bonding from cleaning and alignment to pre-bonding and IR-inspection are combined. Thus, the EVG850 assures a high-yield production process for void-free SOI wafers up to 300 mm sizes. Being the only production system built to operate in high-throughput, high-yield environments, the EVG850 has been established as the industry standard in the SOI wafer market.


  • Production system built to operate in high-throughput, high-yield environments
  • Automated cassette-to-cassette or FOUP-to-FOUP operation
  • Contamination-free backside handling
  • Megasonic and/or brush cleaning
  • Pre-bonding with mechanical flat or notch alignment
  • Advanced remote diagnostics