Compound Semiconductor and Silicon-Based Power Devices
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EVG®101 Advanced Resist Processing System

The EVG101 series perform R&D type processes on a single chamber design, which is fully compatible with our automated systems.


EVG®120 Automated Resist Processing System

The EVG120 is an economical tool for quality spin coating and develop processes, especially for standard photoresist applications.


EVG®150 Automated Resist Processing System

Designed to provide the widest range of process variations, the EVG150 series' modularity accepts spin and spray coating, developing, bake and chill modules to suit your individual production requirements.


EVG®620 Automated Mask Alignment System

Automated Mask Alignment System designed for optical double-side lithography. Volume production types and manual R&D systems are available.


EVG®6200∞ Automated Mask Alignment System

With full field proximity exposure of very thick resist layers, the EVG6200 Infinity targets wafer bumping and chip scale packaging markets as well as applications in MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, Power Devices and Nanotechnology.


HERCULES® Lithography Track System

The HERCULES® is a fully-integrated lithography track solution for wafers and substrates up to 300 mm, featuring EVG's established optical mask alignment technology with integrated cleaning, resist coating, baking and resist development modules.


NanoSpray™ Technology

EVG's NanoSpray™ Coating Technology enables a new bandwidth of applications throughout many technologies in semiconductor processing markets.



EVG®510 Semi-automated Wafer Bonding System

The EVG510 is configurable for all wafer bonding processes such as anodic, thermo compression, fusion bonding, or LowTemp™ plasma bonding.


EVG®520IS Semi-automated Wafer Bonding System

The EVG520IS is configurable for all wafer bonding processes such as anodic, thermo compression, fusion bonding, or LowTemp™ plasma bonding.


EVG®540 Automated Wafer Bonding System

The EVG540 is an automated single-chamber production bonder designed for pilot line and manufacturing as well as R&D for high volume manufacturing in Wafer Level Packaging, 3D-Interconnect and MEMS applications.


EVG®560 Automated Wafer Bonding System

The EVG560 accepts up to four bond chambers with various bond chamber configuration options for all bonding processes and wafers up to 300 mm.


EVG®620 Automated Bond Alignment System

Known for its high level of automation and reliability, the EVG620 Automated Bond Alignment System is designed for wafer-to-wafer alignment up to 150 mm wafer sizes.


EVG®6200∞ Automated Bond Alignment System

The EVG6200 Automated Bond Alignment System is designed for wafer-to-wafer alignment for subsequent wafer bonding applications up to 200 mm wafer sizes.


EVG®805 Semi-automated Debonding System

The EVG805 is a semi-automated system for debonding thin wafers from sapphire, quartz or silicon carriers.


EVG®810LT LowTemp™ Plasma Activation System

The EVG810LT LowTemp™ plasma activation system is a single chamber, stand-alone unit for SOI, MEMS, compound semiconductors and advanced substrate bonding.


EVG®820 Lamination System

The EVG820 Lamination System is used for automated, stress-free lamination of any kind of dry adhesive film onto the carrier wafer.


EVG®850DB Automated Debonding System

The EVG850DB Automated Debonding System is designed for automated debonding of device wafer from the carrier substrate.


EVG®850TB Automated Temporary Bonding System

The EVG850TB bonds compound semiconductor wafers to sapphire, quartz or silicon carriers by use of dry film, spin-on adhesives, or wax.


GEMINI® Automated Production Wafer Bonding System

EV Group's GEMINI provides a fully automated and integrated platform for wafer-to-wafer alignment and wafer bonding.


SmartView®NT Bond Alignment System for Universal Alignment

For wafer-to-wafer alignment via alignment keys in bond interface.


EVG®20 IR Inspection Station

The EVG20 is designed for qualification of bond quality after pre-bonding.