Compound Semiconductors and Silicon-Based Power Devices

Microelectronic applications fabricated out of compound semiconductors as well as silicon-based power devices basically require dedicated manufacturing technologies offered by EVG.

Compound semiconductor devices have been linked with airborne and military applications for a long time. More recently, with increasing requirements from consumer electronics, compound semiconductors made inroads to large-scale production. In particular, rising data volumes and transmission speeds for mobile devices enabled high growth rates of radio front-end devices, consisting of three basic building blocks, namely filter/duplexer, power amplifier and antenna switch.
Nowadays, emerging "More than Moore" applications steadily gain importance in the compound semiconductor market. This is triggered by the increasing interest for added value  devices which is provided by incorporating advanced functionalities. In particular the increasing demand for high efficiency power, high frequency, RF, photovoltaic or photonic devices, highly benefits from close integration of compound semiconductor materials. Since compound semiconductors are difficult to grow on large diameter, low-cost wafers, wafer bonding considerably gains importance. Direct wafer bonding for heterogeneous integration levels the ground for the implementation of compound semiconductors in a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) production scale.
Advanced functionality or increased performance is key for all compound semiconductors when compared to CMOS. Manufacturing methods such as nanoimprint lithography (NIL), in particular of interest for the pattering of photonic devices, temporary bonding and debonding (TBDB) for the thinning of fragile substrates as well as advanced resist processing are key enabling technologies for added value in numerous compound semiconductor devices. Finally packaging technologies, well-known and volume-proven from micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication, can be adopted to decrease costs and size.

EVG's solutions for the compound semiconductor market include:

  • Wafer Bonding
    for heterogeneous integration, layer transfer and advanced packaging
  • Optical and NanoImprint Lithography
    for device patterning and advanced packaging
  • Advanced Resist Processing
    for dielectrics, thick and thin resist layers, through vias and high topography
  • Temporary Bonding and Debonding
    of thinned and fragile compound semiconductor substrates