EV Group Shows Responsibility for Environmental Impact

High-tech Company Successfully Certified According to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard

(ST.FLORIAN, 14 September 2010) – EV Group (EVG), a technology and market leader for wafer processing equipment, was recently awarded ISO 14001 certification.  This award certifies that the Austria-based company exhibits an effective environmental management system and is committed to pursuing further environmental activities.

“EVG is a responsible, global organization committed to safeguarding the welfare of the environment in which we work. This award displays our commitment to continue on our path of creating environmentally friendly policies and practices that enhance not only our workplace but our community as well,” stated Paul Lindner, EV Group executive technology director and quality and environmental representative. 

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, is a non-governmental developer of world standards for business, government and society.  ISO 14000 is a series of standards primarily focused on environmental management.  ISO 14001, the core suite of standards used to design and implement an effective environmental management system, sets forth a systematic approach by which an organization can manage, measure, improve and communicate its environmental program.  Only companies with consistently excellent programs qualify for this globally recognized certification. 

Waste and emission reduction, careful handling of resources

Concrete, measurable improvement of environmental performance can be achieved through the efficient use of materials, energy and resources, as well as the reduction of waste and emissions.  Since introducing its environmental management system a year ago, EVG has not only taken on an active role in environmental protection, but also has simultaneously reduced its operating costs.  This shows that environmental protection and financials, rather than being contrary goals, can, in fact, complete each other.  At the heart of the system’s development and success are EVG’s employees, who actively contribute in the context of management innovation.

Latest certification builds on existing strong program

In 2004, EV Group initiated its quality management system following ISO 9001 standards and has been certified according this highly recognized, global standard for the past six years. Following an instauration audit, the ISO 9001 certificate will be extended for another three years.  Certification of adherence to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements will further cement EVG’s reputation as an innovative, conscientious technology leader.

About EV Group

EV Group (EVG) is a recognized technology and market leader for wafer processing equipment. The company targets advanced packaging, compound semiconductor / LED and silicon-based power devices, MEMS, nanotechnology and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) markets with its industry-leading wafer-bonding, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL), metrology, photoresist coating, cleaning and inspection equipment.  Founded in 1980, EV Group has evolved over the last 30 years from a “hidden champion” to an international technology and market leader. The equipment is manufactured at the company’s headquarters located in St. Florian am Inn (Austria). EVG operates via a global sales and customer support network with subsidiaries in the US, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and employs approximately 450 employees worldwide.

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