EVGNEWS Issue 3 2016


EVG50 - New System with High Throughput and High Resolution for Multilayer Measurements 

The new EVG50 system is designed for high throughput and high resolution. It can measure multilayer thicknesses of coated and bonded wafers and can be also used for void inspection of direct bonded wafers. Its non-destructive optical measurement capability also provides thickness measurements of intermediate layers within bonded wafer stacks. 

The EVG50 stand-alone system is based on EVG's Inline Metrology Module (IMM), which has already been implemented in the field on EVG process equipment. For example, on the EVG850 temporary bonder, IMM has proven to be a big yield enhancer by enabling bonding rework prior to the non-reworkable wafer thinning process.

A high number of measurement points within a short period of time (e.g., 280,000 measurement points in 2 minutes excluding handling time) are provided by the EVG50, which makes it the ideal metrology solution for high-volume manufacturing (HVM) applications. If fewer measurement points are required, the measurement time can be even further decreased.

EVG Metrology Benefits


  • Multi-sensor measurement mount for highest metrology flexibility
  • Sensor set available for multiple measurement ranges and materials
  • Self-calibration of measurement units for minimal service and maintenance
  • Stand-alone tool or integrated in production systems


  • Handling and metrology of various substrate materials, shapes, stress, bow or warp
  • Bridge capability for different substrate sizes and carrier-mounted wafers
  • Available with multiple load port options and combinations


  • Feedback loop for correction of process parameters
  • Customized pass/fail criteria for automated processing decisions
  • Fully integrated SECS/GEM interface

Key features of EVG50 and Inline Metrology Module:

  • Multi-layer metrology with industry-leading throughput and resolution
    • Multi-layer thickness mapping
    • Bond interface inspection
  • Low contact edge handling
    • Particle free
    • Full-area accessible front- and backside
  • Self-calibrating for better system reproducibility and more productive time
  • Various output formats
  • 100% production inspection for film thickness and thickness variation

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EVG®50 / IMM measurement options

Feedback loop for temporary bonding before non-reworkable thinning 


Post-bond adhesive interlayer TTV measurements

EVG Solutions for Metrology brochure