EVGNEWS Issue 1 2016


Displays, Biotechnology and Photonic applications trigger demand for large-area nanoimprint system 

EVG is the market-leading equipment supplier for nanoimprint lithography (NIL). Pioneering this non-conventional lithography technique for many years, EVG mastered NIL and has implemented it in volume production on ever-increasing substrate sizes.
The EVG7200 Large Area Nanoimprint system is a new milestone as it allows imprinting on Gen 2 (370 mm x 470 mm) panel-size substrates. The UV-NIL based system is ideally suited to leverage nanotechnology to panel manufacturing.

NIL has proven to be the most cost-efficient way to enable nano-scale patterns on large areas since it is not limited by sophisticated optics that are required with optical lithography, and since it can provide optimal pattern fidelity for extremely small (sub-100 nm) structures.
EVG's proprietary SmartNIL technology is optimized by years of research, development, and field experience to address nanopatterning requirements that cannot be supported by conventional lithography. SmartNIL provides superior conformal imprint results down to 40 nm utilizing a very robust and controllable tooling.
With unique and proven equipment capabilities in conjunction with a high level of process expertise, EVG fulfills the display industry's manufacturing needs by driving nanoimprinting to the next level.

SmartNIL™ for wire grid polarizers

Superior processing capabilities are required to successfully manufacture wire grid polarizers on panel substrates, which require critical dimensions below 100 nm and pattern transfer into metal layers.
SmartNIL is a full-area imprinting technology that provides unmatched conformal imprinting in order to fulfill the most important criteria for wire grid polarizers. This proprietary solution perfectly complies with substrate unevenness, thus enabling nanolithography with the highest uniformity and pattern fidelity. In addition, SmartNIL results in minimum residual layer, which is key to achieving optimal etching and metal grid performance. The working stamp technology combined with automated low-force detachment provides the longest master lifetime and significant cost savings. SmartNIL technology also supports lenticular lenses manufacturing - a future requirement within the display industry.

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EVG ®7200 LA  SmartNIL™

Gen 2 panel imprinted on the
EVG ®7200 LA  SmartNIL™

EVG Gen2 LA NIL Polarizer_thumb
Gen 2 panel polarizer imprinted on the EVG ®7200 LA  SmartNIL™

Sub-100 nm resolution lines replicated using SmartNIL  

EVG7200 Product News_v01-16_thumb
EVG ®7200LA SmartNIL™ Product Flyer