EVGNEWS Issue 3 2014


Product News: EVG® ComBond®

EV Group developed its ComBond technology in response to market needs for more sophisticated integration processes for combining materials with different lattice constant and coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Wafer bonding can combine these different substrate materials while avoiding defects due to lattice and CTE mismatch associated with traditional epitaxial processes. Room-temperature covalent bonding, in particular, is an ideal choice since it eliminates the need for annealing processes, which generate high temperatures that can add additional stress due to CTE mismatch. However, a key limitation of room-temperature covalent bonding has been the inability to maintain tight control of the thickness and uniformity of the bond interface, including effective removal of particle contaminants and the native oxide layers, which is necessary in order to achieve an interface that has both sufficient bond strength and electrical conductivity between the bonded materials. The EVG ComBond wafer bonding platform combines several technology breakthroughs that enable the formation of bond interfaces between heterogeneous materials at room temperature or low temperatures while achieving excellent bonding strength and electrical conductivity.

The EVG ComBond automated high-vacuum wafer bonding system consists of the high-vacuum transport system with load ports, the flip station and up to five free ports. It can be flexibly configured and equipped with two, three or five process modules.

The system features a dedicated ComBond Activation Module (CAM), which provides advanced surface preparation by dry etching with energized particles instead of wet chemical etching to achieve a contamination-free and oxide-free bond. The CAM surface treatment technology achieves oxide-free and particle-free surfaces, low surface roughness and high throughput.

Based on field-proven EVG modular bonding systems, the EVG ComBond bond chamber has the industry-leading specifications standard across EVG's family of bonders, including bonding forces of up to 60kN, a temperature uniformity of ±1.6% (200 mm wafers) and high throughput due to fast heating/cooling ramps. New features of the bonding chamber include an enhanced vacuum level of 9·10-8 mbar and vacuum-compatible electrostatic chucks. 

The EVG ComBond masters the crucial surface preparation steps that are needed to ensure contamination- and oxide-free bonds at room temperature, including maintaining superior cleanliness and addressing surface roughness and process uniformity requirements. The EVG ComBond is a real breakthrough technology that facilitates the bonding of nearly any combination of wafers at HVM-compatible throughputs of 20 bonds per hour.

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