EVGNEWS Issue 1 2014


Product News: EVG®150NXT

As the industry ramps to volume production on next generation of WLPs for 2.5D/3D devices, adequate wafer processing equipment used to manufacture these devices will require both enhanced throughput and novel processing capabilities. The EVG®150NXT combines EV Group's patented NanoSpray™ technology with deep expertise in lithography-related processes on the XT Frame platform to enable the industry's first HVM resist processing system for advanced wafer-level processing of a wide variety of mid-end and back-end interconnect applications.

The EVG®150NXT features up to nine process modules that can operate simultaneously for multi-parallel wafer processing. This modularity allows large parallel processing as well as integration of EVG's NanoSpray™ technology for conformal via lining and passivation with other complementary processes, thus enabling both high productivity and innovative approaches to resist processing for advanced WLP applications.

Leveraging EVG's newly developed XT Frame platform, the EVG®150NXT embodies a modular and fully-automated resist processing tool that supports wafers up to 300 mm in diameter and is optimized for high throughput and maximum productivity. The overall design concept of the XT Frame is specifically geared toward combining tried and proven production procedures with new and innovative concepts. This symbiotic interplay of extensive process development, deep insights in production requirements gained through close collaboration with customers, and the use of advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies with the experience from three decades of equipment manufacturing guarantees stable mass production at the highest standards for our customers. While wafer handling times are minimized by the high-speed linear transport system, tool uptime has been further improved by increasing the reliability of each component and simplifying service and maintenance procedures.

The desire to challenge existing HVM equipment in today's market led to the development of the mass production capability of the EVG®150NXT. In response to the needs of the fast growing WLP market for new 2.5D/3D devices, the EVG®150NXT was developed around three key aspects: improved processing, short cycle times, and smart software solutions for complex, high-frequency process flows. Smart scheduling software is incorporated for throughput-optimized handling sequences during multi-parallel operation of several wafers at a time. Full integration of all process modules and feedback mechanisms for all process functions allow for live operation monitoring. The GUI enables user-friendly system operation via touch pad, keyboard or touch screen input for drag-and-drop programming. Detailed information for each substrate is continuously logged for exact process tracking. The centralized data management of setup, operation control, service warnings, clean-up and recovery functions provide the most flexible and accurate process control.

The sum of these and other software and hardware enhancements optimize the EVG®150NXT for HVM environments.

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EVG150 XT Frame Short Brochure 
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