EVGNEWS Issue 2 2013


EVG® 320RS and EVG® 320RS XT resist stripping systems enable CoatsClean™ Single Wafer Cleaning Technology

An innovative approach to photoresist and post-etch residue removal

CoatsClean™ is an innovative single-wafer cleaning technology that provides significant advantages over traditional immersion or spray processes for removing photoresist and post-etch residue while maintaining compatibility with many compound semiconductor materials, exposed metals and dielectric layers.

CoatsClean combines dedicated process technology with customized organic solvent-based stripper formulations that feature significantly reduced chemical usage, point-of-use heating, short process times, wafer-to-wafer consistency, and process flexibility in a single bowl tool using EVG's core competencies and field-proven equipment technology. The implementation of this process is enabled by an exclusive collaboration between Dynaloy and EVG.

The newly developed EVG®300RS series of single-wafer photoresist stripping systems is designed explicitly for the implementation of CoatsClean technology with maximum effectiveness.

  • Controlled Dispense - yielding minimal dispense volumes and high repeatability
  • Heating Technologies - providing rapid heating ramps and superior temperature control
  • Fluid Rinse - effective rinse process without residues

The CoatsClean process is performed at higher temperatures compared to standard immersion processes. This results in faster stripping rates and ultimately faster cycle times. Due to the shorter cycle times, CoatsClean can effectively be operated as a single wafer process, which enables increased performance, consistency, reproducibility and repeatability - even for very thick films and hard-to-remove resists.

Besides performance, low cost of ownership is also key to the stripping step. Cycle times on the new fully-automated EVG®320RS and EVG®320RS XT resist stripping systems have been reduced even further via an ultra-fast handling system. Both the EVG®320RS and EVG®320RS XT resist stripping system are designed for reliable and repeatable process results at high performance and enhanced throughput for high-volume production requirements.

EVG® 320RS and EVG® 320RS XT resist stripping systems

High Volume Production Tools for up to 300 mm

  • Fast and flexible design
  • Complete solution for resist stripping and post-etch residue removal
  • EVG® 320RS  with up to 4 process modules
  • EVG® 320RS XT with up to 8 process modules
  • Fully automated robot handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modular design for wide range of configurations and combination of chemicals
  • Expandable for future requirement with external chemical storage abilities
  • Easy interface with bulk chemical supply systems

EVG®320RS XT-Frame Resist Stripping System