EV Group (EVG) presents industry leading wafer processing equipment at SEMICON Korea 2012. Solutions for 3D Integration, Thin Wafer Handling and Advanced Packaging boosted by new XT Frame HVM equipment platform. 


EVG’s new flexible, modular high-volume manufacturing equipment platform, dubbed the XT Frame, significantly increases tool functionality and throughput. Demo capabilities for the XT Frame are now available on the EVG850TB/DB Temporary Bonding and Debonding Systems, which can also accommodate EVG’s new EZR® (Edge Zone Release) and EZD® (Edge Zone Debond) modules to support ZoneBOND™ Temporary Bonding / Debonding technology.

Please visit our booth, or take a virtual tour and check the related information to find out more about EVG’s manufacturing solutions and major equipment categories:

  • Wafer Bonding Systems
  • Temporary Bonding / Debonding Systems
  • Mask / Bond Alignment Systems
  • Nanoimprint Lithography Systems
  • Metrology / Inspection Systems 

EVG Announcements at SEMICON Korea 2012:

EV Group boosts high-volume manufacturing performance across product lines with new XT Frame equipment platform
New flexible, modular equipment architecture increases tool functionality and throughput capabilities; Demo capabilities available on EVG850TB/DB systems supporting ZoneBOND™ technology
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EVG Presentation at SEMICON Korea 2012:

5 SEMICON Korea 2012 | TechXPOT MEMS
Equipment Process Technology for Oxide-to-Oxide and Metal Bonding for High Volume Manufacturing of Miniaturized MEMS Devices for Mobile Applications
Markus Wimplinger, Corporate Technology Development & IP Director, EV Group
Tuesday, February 7, 10:30 – 12:30, Hall C, 3rd Fl., COEX