New XT Frame HVM Equipment Platform  I  IQ Aligner for next generation wafer-level optics  I 
GEMINI FB Family Extension

At SEMICON Japan 2011, EV Group will launch a new high-volume manufacturing equipment platform, dubbed the XT Frame , which significantly increases tool functionality and throughput. Demo capabilities for the XT Frame are now available on the EVG850TB/DB Systems, which can also accommodate EVG’s new EZR® (Edge Zone Release) and EZD® (Edge Zone Debond) modules to support ZoneBOND™ technology. The new flagship model in EVG’s GEMINI FB family of fusion wafer bonding systems for CMOS image sensor and 3D integration applications features an ultra-fast handling system, up to four FOUP load ports for continuous mode operation and a local FOUP storage system. Asahi Kasei E-Materials Corporation, has purchased an IQ Aligner UV nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) system including EVG’s MLM (Monolithic Lens Molding) technology for the development of next-generation materials critical for enabling high-resolution wafer-level optics.

EVG Announcements at SEMICON Japan 2011:

EV Group boosts high-volume manufacturing performance across product lines with new XT Frame equipment platform
New flexible, modular equipment architecture increases tool functionality and throughput capabilities; Demo capabilities available on EVG850 TB/DB systems supporting ZoneBOND™ technology
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Asahi Kasei orders IQ Aligner UV-NIL system from EV Group for advanced materials development for high-resolution wafer-level optics
System to include EVG´s Monolithic Lens Molding (MLM) technology to support production of more compact, higher-quality lens stacks
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EV Group has launched a new flagship model in its GEMINI FB family of FUSION wafer bonding systems to enhance throughput and automation performance
New GEMINI FB platform extension increases throughput to up to 20 wafers per hour to support high-volume CMOS image sensor and 3D integration applications
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EVG Presentations at SEMICON Japan 2011:

SEMICON Japan 2011 Exhibitor Seminars:
EVG Solutions to Technical Issues on TSV Process and Thin-wafer Handling
Thursday, December 8, 13:30 – 14:20 hrs; Hall 6 Seminar Room 2

SEMICON Japan 2011 Product and Technology Release Presentations:
GEMINI FB: New generation of high throughput Si fusion bo
nding for high volume CMOS image sensor manufacturing
December 9, 11:30 – 11:50 hrs; Hall 6 Exhibitor Presentation Stage L