EVG celebrates 30th anniversary

Thirty years ago, a mix of bold, innovative thinking and a commitment to developing leading-edge, quality manufacturing systems - then unavailable to electronic device manufacturers - has paved the way for EV Group's global success today. Formerly known as Electronic Visions Company, EVG was founded by DI Erich and Aya Maria Thallner in 1980, and was positioned as an engineering partner for the semiconductor industry. Based in St. Florian am Inn, Austria - today's company headquarters - EVG expanded from its Austrian roots into a global market and technology leader. In turn, EVG has realized the vision of its founders by revolutionizing not only wafer equipment and process technology available to the market, but also the manufacturing of semiconductors, micro systems and nanotechnologies.


Taking a look back at EVG's history, the company has witnessed continued expansion at its home base. In 1985, the company moved to a new building in Austria to accommodate its decision to locally manufacture its equipment. EVG reconstructed its headquarters in 1997 and doubled its manufacturing and cleanroom space. This was followed by a 70% expansion of its headquarter building and manufacturing capacity in 2001. In 2007, the company again significantly increased its manufacturing capabilities and cleanroom facilities, and relocated its milling center to headquarters from Andorf. In light of strong demand coupled with an effort to shorten lead times and meet ever more demanding delivery targets, EVG introduced an additional production shift in April 2009.


Simultaneously, EVG expanded its reach abroad. The company supported worldwide market growth and satisfied customer demands by establishing subsidiaries across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. It began with the foundation of EVG North America in Phoenix, Arizona in 1994 followed by EVG Japan KK in Yokohama in 1997. Expansion continued in the U.S. with a second subsidiary established in Cranston, Rhode Island in 2000.  This was followed by the foundation of EVG-Jointech in Chung-Li, Taiwan in 2003. In 2005, the company relocated its North American headquarters to Tempe, Arizona and equipped the new office with enlarged application labs and cleanrooms. EVG's latest global efforts took place in 2008 as the company established its Korean presence in Seoul with EVG Korea.


Major technology and product innovations include the world's first double-side mask aligner with bottom side microscope, an important milestone for the commercialization of MEMS products developed 1985. The process separation between wafer alignment and wafer bonding, introduced by EVG in 1990, has since become a worldwide industry standard. In 1994, EV Group installed the first SOI Production Bonders for volume production of multi-layer Silicon-Insulator-Silicon wafers as basis for high-end micro processors, a technology for which EVG was awarded with Austria's highly acclaimed "Staatspreis für Innovation 2004". The patented SmartView® wafer-to-wafer alignment system, developed in 1999, continues to lead the way in 3D applications. Introduced in 2009, EVG's next-generation UV-NIL Step & Repeat system, as well as the first fully-automated production fusion bonding system with optical alignment enabled the industry to break new ground in the way wafer-level cameras are produced.