Wafer Level Optics

In modern electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, portable gaming consoles, laptops or netbooks, micro-optical systems are decisive interfaces between the real world and the microelectronics of the image sensor inside a camera module. At present, the general concept of a camera module assembly undergoes a transition from discrete assembly to wafer-level integration using well-established semiconductor technologies. Wafer-level cameras have already started to replace conventional modules due to smaller form factors and lower cost performance ratios.

Aligned UV Bonding
The ultimate micro optics stack is fabricated by UV bonding of all elements, including individual double side microlens wafers as well as spacer wafers required to achieve the final stack height. Crucial parameters are lens-to-spacer alignment accuracy, total thickness variation of the resulting bond interface and wafer throughput.

Individual process steps featured by EV Group:

  • Wedge compensated aligned UV bond
  • UV exposure


Please see our related product IQ Aligner® and our GEMINI® for detailed information.


UV bonded micro optics stack consisting of lens wafers and spacer wafers. Source EVG.

Individual lens and spacer wafers of a micro optics stack prior to UV bonding. Courtesy of Aptina.