SOI Wafers
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EVG®620 Automated Mask Alignment System

Mask Alignment System designed for optical double-side lithography. Volume production types and manual R&D systems are available.



EVG®301 Semi-automated Single Wafer Cleaning System

The EVG300 series single wafer cleaning systems are designed for efficient removal of particles. In semiconductor processing, efficient cleaning and particles removal prior to critical process steps enables maximum yield.


EVG®320 Automated Single Wafer Cleaning System

The EVG320 Automated Single Wafer Cleaning System is designed for efficient removal of particles prior to critical process steps in semiconductor processing.


EVG®520IS Semi-automated Wafer Bonding System

The EVG520IS Semi-automated Wafer Bonding System is configurable for all wafer bonding processes such as anodic, thermo compression, fusion bonding, or LowTemp™ plasma bonding.


EVG®810LT LowTemp™ Plasma Activation System

The EVG810LT LowTemp™ plasma activation system is a single chamber, stand-alone unit for SOI, MEMS, compound semiconductors and advanced substrate bonding.


EVG®850 Automated Production Bonding System for SOI

The EVG850 is designed to fulfill a wide range of fusion wafer bonding applications, with main focus on SOI substrates manufacturing. The EVG850 is the only production bonding system built to operate in high throughput, high-yield environments.


GEMINI®FB Production Fusion Bonding System

EV Group's GEMINI®FB provides a fully automated and integrated platform for wafer-to-wafer alignment and wafer bonding.


EVG®20 IR Inspection Station

The EVG20 is designed for qualification of bond quality after pre-bonding.