IQ Aligner® NT Automated Mask Alignment System

Optimized for contactless proximity processing at highest throughput. Most accurate print gap control and unmatched uptime are fully addressing HVM requirements.

EVG IQ Aligner NT


The new IQ Aligner NT is the most productive and technically advanced automated mask alignment system for high-volume applications. It provides a 2X increase in throughput and a 2X improvement in alignment accuracy over EVG's previous-generation IQ Aligner system. The IQ Aligner NT surpasses the most demanding requirements for back-end lithography applications while providing up to 30 percent lower cost of ownership compared to competing systems. It is ideally suited for wafer bumping and interposer patterning serving a variety of advanced packaging types, including Wafer-level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP), Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP), 3D-IC/Through-silicon Via (TSV), 2.5D Interposers, and Flip Chip.

Enhanced Performance

Semiconductor advanced packaging is continually evolving to enable new types of devices with increasing functionality at a lower cost per function. As a result, new developments in lithography are required to address the unique needs of the advanced packaging market. The new IQ Aligner NT addresses the most challenging requirements of advanced packaging lithography with the best technical performance data combined with extraordinary productivity.

  • First-rate throughput
    • First Print >200 wph
    • Topside Alignment >160 wph
    • Backside Alignment >160 wph
  • Cutting-edge alignment accuracy
    • Topside Alignment ≥ 250 nm
    • Backside Alignment ≥ 500 nm
  • High power lamp house
    • Broad band intensity >120 mW/cm²
    • i-line intensity > 65 mW/cm²

New Capabilities

The IQ Aligner NT incorporates a number of technical improvements and unique features to address a variety of industry needs as well as enable advanced process control.

  • Dual substrate size concept
    • Handles different mask sizes with no retooling efforts and no adapter frames required - provides a quick and easy bridge tool
  • Full clearfield mask movement
    • Highest process compatibility and flexibility in alignment pattern positioning
    • Facilitates processing with dark field masks
  • All contact-free processing
    • Contact-free wafer wedge error compensation (WEC)  
    • Contact-free process photo mask gap calibration
  • Run-out compensation
    • Ultra-flat temperature-controlled wafer chuck
  • Manual mask and wafer-loading capabilities
    • Allows manual wafer loading on systems configured with robot handling

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