EVG®40NT Automated Measurement System

For alignment accuracy measurements


Versatile Metrology for Bonding and Lithography

The EVG40 NT (stand-alone tool) and the AVM (HVM-integrated module) enable measurement of lithography relevant parameters like critical dimension, as well as bond alignment accuracy.
Because of the high-measurement accuracy, it is possible to verify compliance to tight process specifications and instantly optimize integrated process parameters.

In addition to vertical measurement, the EVG40 NT / AVM also operate at a high resolution in the lateral direction, making them suitable for alignment verification measurements and 3D applications.

Key Features

  • Versatile measurement options for lithography and bonding metrology
  • Alignment verification for bonding and lithography applications
  • Critical dimension (CD) measurement
  • Die-to-die alignment verification
  • Multi-layer thickness measurement
  • High measurement accuracy in vertical and lateral direction
  • High throughput due to specialized calibration routine
  • PC-based measurement and pattern recognition software for highest reliability