IQ Aligner®

Automated Mask Alignment System

The EVG® IQ Aligner® platform is optimized for automated contactless proximity processing for wafer sizes up to 200 mm.

The IQ Aligner is a contactless proximity lithography platform with a high grade of automation that fulfills the demand for minimizing mask contamination in production lines and increasing mask lifetime and product yield. In addition to multiple alignment features, the system is widely installed and field proven with specialized configurations for automated handling and processing of warped or thinned wafers. Mix-and-match operation between standard top- or bottom-side alignment with integrated IR alignment capabilities further widen the field of applications, especially on alignment with engineered or bonded substrates. The system also supports wafer alignment runout control with fast-response, temperature-controlled tool sets. 


  • Wafer/substrate size from pieces up to 200 mm/8’’
  • Contactless proximity mode due to external wafer wedge measurement
  • Enhanced vibration isolation
  • Increased process flexibility with various alignment features
  • Run-out control alignment feature
  • Fragile, thin or warped wafer handling of multiple wafer sizes 
  • Taiko wafer processing experience
  • Manual substrate loading capability
  • Remote tech support and SECS/GEM compatibility
  • Additional capabilities:
    • IR alignment – transmissive and/or reflective
IQ Aligner

Technical Data

Wedge compensation
Fully automatic - SW controlled
Advanced alignment features
Automatic alignment
Large gap alignment
Run-out control alignment
Dynamic alignment
Industrial automation features
Cassette / SMIF / FOUP / SECS/GEM / thin, bowed, warped, edge wafer handling
Wafer diameter (substrate size)
Up to 200 mm
Alignment modes
Top side alignment: ≤ ± 0,5 µm
Bottom side alignment: ≤ ± 1,0 µm
IR alignment: ≤ ± 2,0 µm/ substrate material depending
Exposure setup
Vacuum contact / hard contact / soft contact / proximity mode / flex mode
Exposure options
Interval exposure / flood exposure
System control
Operations system: Windows
File sharing & back-up solution / unlimited no. recipes & parameters
Multi-language user GUI & support: CN, DE, FR, IT, JP, KR
Real-time remote access, diagnostics & troubleshooting
Fully-automated: throughput first print: 85 wafers per hour
Fully-automated: throughput aligned: 80 wafers per hour

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