SOI Bonding Systeme

An accurate wafer bonding process is the key factor in obtaining high quality single crystalline silicon films on insulating substrates. The EVG850 SOI/Direct Wafer Bonding systems are designed to fulfill a wide range of fusion/molecular wafer bonding applications, with main focus on SOI substrates manufacturing. Ultra clean handling of wafers throughout the bonding process assures high-yield and void-free bonds. All essential steps, from cleaning and alignment to pre-bonding and IR-inspection are combined in one high volume production system. EVG850 is the only production bonding system built to operate in high throughput, high-yield environments and guarantees void-free SOI wafers up to 300 mm.
The EVG300 series single wafer cleaning systems are designed for efficient removal of particles. In semiconductor processing, efficient cleaning and particles removal prior to critical process steps enables maximum yield. Wafer Bonding is a process which is strongly affected by particles: each particle on the wafer surface produces a void orders of magnitude larger than its diameter, contributing to a dramatic yield loss.
EV Group’s LowTemp™ (LT) Plasma Activated Bonding is available for both R&D and high volume manufacturing.
The EVG LowTemp™ plasma activation chamber was developed for modular operation. It can be configured as single chamber, stand alone, semi-automated unit (EVG810LT) or integrated in an automated configuration for high volume production (EVG850LT and GEMINI). The EVG810LT stand alone LowTemp™ plasma activation system is suitable for applications such as silicon direct bonding for manufacturing: SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator), strained silicon, GeOI (Germanium-on-Insulator), compound semiconductor applications and MEMS devices.