GEMINI®FB Automated Production Fusion Bonding System

For fully automated and integrated wafer loading, alignment, bonding and unloading of bonded wafers.


  • Max. wafer size: 200mm, 300mm
  • Min. wafer size: 100mm, 150mm
  • Max. substrate size (mm x mm): N/A
  • Min. substrate size (mm x mm): N/A
  • Chucks for different wafer sizes: Option (conversion takes less than 30 min)
  • Metal ion free activation: Option
  • Max. 4 process gases:
    2 standard process gases: N2 and O2
    2 additional process gases: high purity gases (>99.999%),
    noble gases (Ar, He, Ne, etc.),
    forming gases (> 95% N2, Ar, He with < 5% O2)
  • Universal mass flow controller
  • Vacuum system: Vacuum level: 9x10-2 mbar (standard)
  • High vacuum system with turbo pump: Vacuum level: 9x10-3 mbar (option)
  • High frequency RF generators: Standard
  • Matching unit: Standard
  • Opening/closing of chamber: Automated
  • Process license and BKM recipe: Standard
  • Supports optically aligned wafer bonding: Standard
  • Loading/unloading of chamber (wafer / substrate placed on loading pins): Automated
  • Process compatibility with EVG850 and GEMINI: Standard
  • Max. number of LowTemp plasma activation chambers: 2
  • Class 1 mini-environment: Option
  • Automated wafer handling system: Standard
  • Fab automation integration (SECS/GEM): Option
  • Production Scale: R&D, Pilot, HVM
  • Alignment verification: integrated with feedback loop
  • Runout: controllable via recipe parameter
  • Debond capability: Option