SOI & Engineered Substrates

SOI ist eine Halbleiter-Technologie bei der Wafer mit einer ultradünnen „isolierten“ Halbleiterschicht
hergestellt werden auf der die elektronischen Schaltvorgänge ablaufen.

Technical Papers
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Plasma Activated Wafer Bonding of Silicon: In Situ and Ex Situ Processes
Abstract: Plasma activated wafer bonding generated a high interest in last decade due to the important process temperature reduction. With the main advantage of bringing some applications at industrial degree of feasibility....

Wafer Bonding of Plasma Activated Surfaces
Abstract: Wafer bonding behavior of plasma activated Si and SiO2 surfaces was investigated. Process evaluation was performed by various experiments. Surface energy of wafer pairs bonded after different storage times at room temperature and after thermal annealing at 300°C was investigated as a measure of surface activation lifetime...

Wafer Bonding for 300 mm SOI Substrates Fabrication
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) describes a sandwich-like structure in which a monocrystalline silicon layer (named device layer) is electrically isolated from the substrate by an oxide layer. Different fabrication methods are competing today. A short review of the main specific challenges raised nowadays by the specific process requirements will be reviewed in this paper. An example of integrated automated SOI high production equipment through direct wafer bonding will be presented.