Advanced Packaging, 3D Interconnect

Darunter werden fortschrittliche Techniken der Kontaktierung, des Verbindens und Testens von fertigen ICs auf Waferebene zusammengefasst.

Courtesy of Enthone.


80µm SU-8 resist features with sidewall angles approaching 90°.
Courtesy of DALSA Corporation.

High-Q-3D solenoid industors for RF ICs. Courtesy of SIMIT. 

Sub 0.5µm aligned, bonded color filter. Courtesy of MicroEmissive Displays (MED).

Micro-lens structures for CMOS image sensor modules created utilizing UV-NIL. Source EVG.

Ziptronix direct bond interconnect. Courtesy of Ziptronix.

NanoSpray coating, 100µm diameter and 300µm depth. Source EVG.

Patterned, spray coated resist layer in anisotropically etched cavity. Courtesy of TU-Delft DIMES. 

Cross-section of temporary bond utilizing Brewer Science's HT series
adhesive. Source: EVG.

200mm chip-to-wafer bond. Courtesy of Datacon. 

Metal/Adhesive via first 3D bonding interface. Courtesy of RPI.