Chinesischer SOI Wafer-Hersteller Shenyang Silicon Technology kauft automatisches 300 mm SOI Waferbonding-System

ST. FLORIAN, Austria, 9. Oktober 2012 —EV Group (EVG), ein führender Entwickler und Hersteller von Anlagen für Waferbonding- und Lithographieanwendungen in der Halbleiterindustrie, Mikrosystemtechnik und Nanotechnologie, hat heute bekannt gegeben, dass Shenyang Silicon Technology Co. Ltd. (SST) ein EVG850LT 300mm Niedrigtemperatur Produktionswafer Bonding System für Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) Materialien erfolgreich installiert hat. Der chinesische-US-amerikanische Jointventure SOI Wafer Hersteller hat den 300mm Bonder als Folgeauftrag zum 200mm EVG850LT ausgesucht. Das System wurde bereits in SST's Fabrik geliefert. Dieses ist die erste Installation eines 300mmm SOI Wafer Produktionsgerätes in China.

 “Our 200-mm EVG850LT system has been instrumental in helping us fulfill customer requirements for high-performance SOI wafers,” stated Prof. He ZhiQiang, CEO of SST. “As we look to advance our ability to produce 300-mm SOI wafers in high volumes, we need technology that offers the same degree of reliability, throughput and quality as we experienced with our prior EVG bonder, so adding a 300-mm version of the EVG850LT to our line was an easy decision to make.”

A key enabling technology for the SOI wafer fabrication process, wafer bonding achieves high-quality, single-crystal silicon films on insulating substrates. With the EVG850LT SOI production bonding system, all essential steps for low-temperature SOI bonding, from cleaning and alignment to pre-bonding and IR inspection, are combined to assure a high-yield production process for void-free 300-mm wafers. This has enabled establishment of the EVG850 family as the industry standard in the SOI wafer market.

Swen Zhu, director of sales for EV Group in China, noted, “The demand for SOI-based devices continues to grow at a rapid pace, particularly in emerging markets such as China, creating more opportunity for EVG to extend our relationships with our customers producing SOI wafers. This follow-on order from SST serves both to strengthen our alliance and to extend EVG’s proven leadership in providing advanced process technology for SOI wafer development.”

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