EVGNEWS Issue 1 2015


Product News: EVG® SmartNIL

Equipment and processes are closely linked to the performance of nanotechnology, biotechnology and photonic devices. In particular, much progress in nanophotonics has been enabled by new developments in the equipment sector.

EVG's proprietary SmartNIL patterning technology is the result of many years of experience in NIL process know-how and equipment design. SmartNIL supports a wide range of structure sizes and shapes, including 3D, and can even be used on high-topography (rough) surfaces, which can be an essential criterion for many photonic devices.

EVG's SmartNIL technology in combination with multi-use soft-stamp technology enables unmatched throughput and cost-of-ownership advantages while simultaneously providing large scalability and maintenance-friendly operation. As a result, SmartNIL redeems the long-term promise of nanoimprint being a low-cost and high-volume alternative lithography technology for mass manufacturing of photonic devices.
SmartNIL is a full-field imprint technology based on UV exposure, providing a powerful next-generation lithography technique with almost unlimited structure size and geometry capabilities. Endurance and marathon test runs have demonstrated its high-volume manufacturing capability. In addition, the multi-use soft stamp technology can prolong the lifetime of the master template to periods comparable to masks used for optical lithography.

SmartNIL enables the replication of any kind of optical feature, including spherical and a-spherical lenses, diffractive optical elements, photonic crystals and functional optical films.

The ability to create wafer-scale stitching-error-free patterns of nanostructures on bowed and warped surfaces and even on topography, as well as direct patterning of 3D structures, makes NIL ideally suited for the needs of a diversified photonics market.

EVG's UV-NIL solutions - in particular, SmartNIL combined with the fully automated EVG720/7200 system - are designed to work with a wide variety of resist materials. This open material platform approach provides a high degree of flexibility and process customization.

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EVG®720 / 7200 Automated UV-NIL System up to 150 / 200 mm

EVG® SmartNIL™ process flow

 EVG® SmartNIL™ full area imprinted 150 mm Si substrate 


SmartNIL™ replicated 150 mm substrate with 400 nm dots and SEM closeup 

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