EVGNEWS Issue 3 2013


EVG® PHABLE™ Innovative Patterning Principle

The EVG® PHABLE™ exposure system is designed specifically for the manufacturing of photonic components.  Leveraging EVG's expertise in photolithography, the EVG PHABLE system incorporates a unique, contactless, mask-based lithography approach that enables full-field, high-resolution and cost-efficient micro- and nanopatterning.  EVG PHABLE is unique in its ability to print regular patterns down to 150 nm in a single exposure step.  Concurrently, the image depth can be extended to cover resists that are multiple microns thick without resolution deterioration while maintaining a mask-substrate separation gap of several tens of microns.  This very high aerial image aspect ratio allows printing of the same high-resolution patterns onto large and highly warped surfaces.

EVG® PHABLE™ Features:

  • Based on well-established photolithography infrastructure and supply chain
  • High throughput of more than 50 wafers per hour
  • Patterning of lines, hexagonal and square arrays
  • Simple and robust process control
  • Scalable to large areas up to 6"
  • Very high depth of focus provides accurate printing in thick resists
  • Insensitive to particles and total thickness variation

EVG® PHABLE™ Patterning Capabilities

  • EVG PHABLE enables full-wafer, single-exposure printing of features in the range of 200 nm to about 2.5 µm.
  • Since EVG PHABLE is a mask-based photolithography method, printing a different pattern simply requires a change of the mask.
  • EVG PHABLE is applicable to both one-dimensional patterns, such as lines and spaces, and two-dimensional patterns, such as hexagonal or square lattices.
  • EVG PHABLE offers a broad window of pattern size control.  Resist pattern height adjustment is independent of the lithography process and simply controlled by resist thickness.  A unique property of EVG PHABLE also enables lateral feature dimensions to be controlled and tailored within a wide range simply by changing the exposure dose.

EVG® PHABLE™ Non-Contact Lithography System (click to enlarge)  

Photograph of a full-area 4" wafer patterned with PHABLE™ 

SEM images of photonic patterns printed with PHABLE: (a) lines and spaces with 125 nm half pitch, (b) square array with a 175 nm hole diameter and (c) hexagonal array with 260nm hole diameter.

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