EVGNEWS Issue 3 2013


Hot Embossing Solution for Flexible Substrates

The EVG750® R2R hot embossing system is an extension to EVG's extensive experience in batch-type hot embossing.  Using rolls, instead of plates, the EVG750R2R enables continuous molding with significant advantages in operational speed and device throughput.  The system is especially well suited for structuring fine features in the sub-micron to nanometer scale. The EVG750R2R's innovative design provides excellent temperature and pressure uniformity for micro- and nanoscale patterning on a broad range of materials.  In addition, the EVG750R2R enables roll-to-roll patterning on exotic materials that are not available on large rolls.  It is designed to deliver the highest flexibility for R&D applications with a clear vision for automated mass manufacturing of flexible devices.  

EVG® 750R2R Hot-Embossing System Features

  • Splicing table reduces consumption of expensive thermoplastic materials
  • Optical sensor and rotary encoders ensure precise overlay, or position matching, between the stamp and substrate
  • Unique roller heating concept reduces energy consumption and idleness
  • Electrostatic discharge reduces defect levels
  • Unique pressure supply provides superior pressure uniformity

Applications for R2R Hot-Embossing

Plastic Biotechnology Market
Microfluidics is an enabling technology for lab-on-chip systems.  Typical dimensions of microfluidic channels in lab-on-chip applications range from 100 microns to several hundred microns.  Another application field is cell biology, where surface microstructures ranging from a few micrometres down to the sub-micron range are used to influence cellular behaviour (e.g., cell alignment and cell adhesion).

Transparent or reflective elements with structured surfaces that utilise optical effects such as diffraction, refraction and reflection, are designed to fulfil a variety of light distribution functionalities-from uniform illumination to the display of specifically defined two- and three-dimensional images.  Application examples include light panels, advertising displays, street lamps and backlighting elements for LCD TV screens.  The EVG750 is especially well suited in this market for reshaping thermoplastic materials with excellent optical properties and aspherical shapes (e.g., lenses and cones).

The security print industry introduces a range of products with protective technologies to deter or mitigate counterfeiting.  The EVG750®R2R can support these efforts by producing optical features that are used to draw the consumer's attention to the product, such as holographic, optic or photonic structures.

The EVG750R2R is the latest addition to EV Group's extensive suite of nanoimprint products, which also include the EVG® 770 automated NIL stepper, the EVG® 750 automated hot embossing system, the IQ  Aligner® automated UV-NIL and µ-CP systems, the EVG® 510HE and EVG® 520HE semi-automated hot embossing systems, and the EVG® 720 automated UV-NIL systems.


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Rewinding of imprinted foil

Photograph of imprinted mixed micron structures