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Simulation Scientist

You support our process and equipment development teams with numerical simulations in the fields of thermodynamics, fluidics, structural mechanics, electromagnetism and plasma physics. Your contribution will be used for enhancing the process and equipment R&D activities.

Primary Responsibilities:  

  • Work as computer simulation specialist in the R&D team addressing the specific process and hardware development and troubleshooting needs at EVG.
  • Contribute to process & equipment development in the fields of wafer bonding, photolithography and nanoimprint lithography by numerical simulation of processes and equipment.
  • Setup advanced models based on multiphysics / multi-dimensional computer simulation
  • Support experimental data analysis and simulation results testing and implementation
  • Handling of specific customer requirements in terms of failure mode analysis and new developments by means of finite elements – based computer simulation  



  • A bachelor, master degree or doctorate (University) in physics, chemistry, material sciences or mathematics
  • Proficiency in at least one of the following computer simulation methods: finite elements method, finite volume method, Monte-Carlo and particle-in-cell.
  • Proficiency in at least one of the following languages: MATLAB, C#, Python
  • Knowledge of commercial multiphysics simulation software (e.g. COMSOL or Ansys) represents an advantage.
  • Structured and accurate working style
  • Enthusiastic and determined with professional appearance
  • Team oriented with interdepartmental thinking
  • Solid English and MS office knowledge, good communication skills
Employment Vollzeit
Location Österreich

Für diese interessante Position bieten wir Ihnen bei Erfüllung der Anforderungen ein Bruttojahresgehalt von mindestens EUR 42.000,-- auf Basis einer Vollzeitbeschäftigung (exklusive Überstunden und Zulagen). Das tatsächliche Gehalt richtet sich nach Ihrer individuellen Qualifikation und Berufserfahrung.

Als internationales Familienunternehmen bieten wir Ihnen gute Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten, attraktive Sozialleistungen und Benefits.

Im Sinne des GBG wenden wir uns gleichermaßen an Damen und Herren.

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