High Brightness LEDs
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EVG®101 Advanced Resist Processing System

The EVG101 series perform R&D type processes on a single chamber design, which is fully compatible with our automated systems.


EVG®120 Automated Resist Processing System

The EVG120 is an economical tool for quality spin coating and develop processes, especially for standard photoresist applications.


EVG®620 Automated Mask Alignment System

Automated Mask Alignment System designed for optical double-side lithography. Volume production types and manual R&D systems are available.


EVG®770 Automated NIL Stepper

EV Group's NIL Stepper is designed for step and repeat large area UV-Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL) processes compatible for 100 mm up to 300 mm wafers.


Hercules® Lithography Track System

The Hercules is a unique platform with spin coat, bake, chill, align/expose and develop modules, all arranged in one production system.


IQ Aligner® Automated UV Nanoimprint Lithography System

The IQ Aligner Automated UV-NIL system allows for micromolding and nanoimprinting processes with stamps and wafers from 150 mm to 300mm diameter,



EVG®560 Automated Wafer Bonding System

The EVG560 accepts up to four bond chambers with various bond chamber configuration options for all bonding processes and wafers up to 300 mm.


EVG®805 Semi-automated Debonding System

The EVG805 is a semi-automated system for debonding thin wafers from sapphire, quartz or silicon carriers.


EVG®810LT LowTemp™ Plasma Activation System

The EVG810LT LowTemp™ plasma activation system is a single chamber, stand-alone unit for SOI, MEMS, compound semiconductors and advanced substrate bonding.


EVG®850 Automated Production Bonding System for SOI

The EVG850 is designed to fulfill a wide range of fusion wafer bonding applications, with main focus on SOI substrates manufacturing. The EVG850 is the only production bonding system built to operate in high throughput, high-yield environments.


EVG®850DB Automated Debonding System

The EVG850DB Automated Debonding System is designed for automated debonding of device wafer from the carrier substrate.


EVG®850TB Automated Temporary Bonding System

The EVG850TB bonds compound semiconductor wafers to sapphire, quartz or silicon carriers by use of dry film, spin-on adhesives, or wax.


GEMINI® Automated Production Wafer Bonding System

EV Group's GEMINI provides a fully automated and integrated platform for wafer-to-wafer alignment and wafer bonding.