EVG®320RS Automated Single Wafer Resist Stripping System

Designed for the efficient removal of Photoresist and organic films


  • Single wafer wet resist and residue stripping
    Wafer-to-wafer consistency and repeatability unparalleled by batch processing 
  • Fresh solution for each individual wafer
    Better efficiency; zero chance of cross-contamination 
  • Reduced chemical usage
    Reduced costs, reduced solvent waste, and reduced environmental impact 

  • Higher processing temperatures
    Enables higher throughput and lower cost-of-ownership (CoO) 
  • Single bowl process
    Reduced footprint; modular equipment concept (add modules as you need) 
  • Multiple wafer types & stripping solution in one bowl
    Process flexibility and shorter transition times 
  • Chemical storage at room temperature and point-of-use heating on the wafer
    Eliminates chemical bath life issues and under utilization
  • Engineered formulation
    Enables selective stripping of the resist without attacking metals and underlying films