EVG®320RS Automated Single Wafer Resist Stripping System

Designed for the efficient removal of Photoresist and organic films


The EVG320RS resist stripping platform is designed to enable the CoatsCleanprocess technology, developed in cooperation with Dynaloy LLC. This combination of engineered chemistry, sophisticated tool design and many years of process experience provides high reliability and reproducibility with low liquid consumption and short cycle times. Single wafer treatment, elaborated dispense technology and innovative chemistry activation avoid cross-contamination and eliminate the factor "bath lifetime". The EVG320RS resist stripping platform enhances resist stripping and post etch residue removal processes, particularly for hard to remove resists while protecting the environment.

List of resists removed on EVG® 320RS

 Resist  Application
 Asahi CX-8040  WLP
 Ashai CX-A240  WLP
 AZ 125 nXT  WLP
 AZ 4620  WLP
 AZ 9260 TSV  etch residue
 AZ nLOF 2020  Metal lift-off
 Everlight EPG516  Post-etch residue, LED
 Fuji OiR 305-22  SAW post-etch resist
 JSR NFR 016 D2  Metal lift-off
  SPR 220  Post-etch residue, RF
 SPR 511  Post-etch residue, RF
 SPR 511 and SPR 518  Metal lift-off
 SU-8  BAW
 TOK 50120  WLP
 TOK CR4000  WLP