IQ Aligner® Automated Mask Alignment System

Optimized for contactless proximity processing at highest throughput. Most accurate print gap control and unmatched uptime are fully addressing HVM requirements.


The IQ Aligner Automated Mask Alignment System is based on a field-proven, robust design with up to 300 mm wafer size capability, full-field exposure, single and double-side alignment, large gap and dark field mask alignment. The high automation level makes the IQ Aligner Automated Mask Alignment System suitable for volume production applications while tremendously lowering equipment operation and maintenance costs.


  • Leading edge technology and high automation level for up to 300 mm wafer sizes
  • Full-field exposure, contactless wedge compensation, thick resist processing and warped wafer handling for wafer bumping, chip scale packaging and similar applications.
  • NanoAlign ® featuring high resolution top and bottom side splitfield microscopes
  • Handling of multiple wafer sizes with quick change-over time
  • Windows ® based user interface
  • Darkfield mask alignment
  • Manual or fully automated high throughput operation
  • Minimized footprint
  • Options
    - Temperature controlled wafer chuck for Run-Out compensation
    - Automated mask handling capability
    - Thin or warped wafer handling
    - Nanoimprint lithography and micro contact printing
    - Bond alignment capability (easy conversion between litho and bond alignment)
    - Simulation software for mask aligner lithography process