EVG®6200∞ Automated Mask Alignment System

Optimized for highest throughput, highest mean time between failures and most accurate print gap settings.


  • Substrate / Wafer parameters:
    Size: 3", 100mm, 150mm, up to 200 x 200mm; Thickness: 0.1 - 10mm
  • Mask parameters: Size: max. 9"x9"; Thickness: <7mm
  • General system configuration:
    Desktop system: standard; System rack: option; Vibration isolation: passive
  • Alignment accuracy:
    Top side alignment: ± 1.0µm 3σ
    Bottom side alignment: Option / ± 1.25µm 3σ
    IR alignment: Option / substrate depending
    Large gap alignment: Option / ± 1.5µm 3σ
    Bond alignment: Option 
    NanoAlign: Option
  • Alignment stage:
    Precision micrometers: Manual, motorized (option)
    Wedge compensation: Internal 0.5 - 40N contact force, proximity spacers (option)
  • Exposure:
    Modes: Proximity, soft-, hard, and vacuum contact
    Resolution: <1µm in vacuum contact, </= 2µm in proximity
    Wave length: 200 - 240nm / 240 - 280nm / 280 - 350nm / 350 - 450nm, filters (option)
    Mercury arc lamp: 500 / 1000W
    Nanoimprint lithography: Optional tools available for UV-Nanoimprint Lithography and micro contact printing to achieve sub 100nm features
  • Automatic alignment: Option
  • Handling system: 3 cassette stations, 5 stations (option), field upgradeable
  • SECS/GEM II: Option
  • Lithography Track System Hercules: up to 200 mm