EVG®40NT Automated Measurement System

For alignment accuracy measurements


  • Substrate parameters:
    Substrate size: 300 mm
    Substrate thickness: 20 mm
  • Alignment stage:
    Chuck alignment stage: recovers the whole area of a 300 mm wafer
  • Measurement accuracy:
    99% of measurements will be no more than +/-100 nm from the true value
    Specification for 20x objectives and good contrast alignment keys 
  • Automatic measurement: Image recognition system (optional) 
  • Handling system: Three-axis robot, send, receive and reject cassettes, up to 300 mm wafers 
  • Robot accuracy: ± 50 µm, ±0.1°
    Accuracy of prealignment station:  X: ± 50 µm, Y: ± 50 µm, Theta: ± 0.09° 
  • Microscope:
    Objectives: 5x (Option 10x, 20x)
    Camera: High resolution BW-CCD camera; displayed in software window