Compound Semiconductors and Silicon-Based Power Devices

Microelectronic applications fabricated out of compound semiconductors as well as silicon-based power devices basically require dedicated manufacturing technologies offered by EVG.

LEDs, laser diodes and radio-frequency (RF) filters are examples of devices based on compound semiconductors. Power devices like IGBTs, power MOSFETs or diodes are microelectronic components that are essential functional elements in electrical equipment such as voltage converters, power amplifiers, switch-mode power supplies, etc. Out of EVG's technology portfolio more or less all of EVG products are intensively used and established within these markets.
As a prominent example, compound semiconductor manufacturing uses specific techniques for processing thinned, fragile and often small diameter substrates. For these applications, the EVG systems are equipped with advanced features such as optical pre-alignment, backside alignment and autoload with special end-effectors for reliable handling of delicate substrates. The demand for temporary bonding is increasing with the use of back-thinning and backside lithography in GaAs and other compound semiconductor processes. For sensitive handling and safe processing of fragile compound semiconductor wafers, EVG offers a fully-automated temporary bonding and debonding system . Compound semiconductor wafers are bonded to sapphire, quartz or silicon carriers by use of dry film, spin-on adhesives, or wax and can be debonded fully automatically after backside processing is finished.

EVG's solutions for the compound semiconductor market also include:

  • Spray Coating for dielectrics, thick and thin resist layers and high topography
  • Optical Lithography for device patterning and advanced packaging
  • Wafer Bonding for layer transfer and advanced packaging

Silicon-based power devices are manufactured in large volumes and require high-throughput reliable production equipment. As a major technology advantage systems are equipped with a reliable robot handling system that provides a high degree of automation. High uptime and ease of maintenance contribute to increased performance and yield.