EVG®PHABLE™ Automated Displacement Talbot Lithography System

Contactless mask-based automated displacement talbot lithography system for the manufacturing of photonic components


The EVG PHABLE system can produce both one-dimensional patterns, such as lines and spaces, as well as two-dimensional patterns, such as hexagonal or square lattices.  Thus, it supports a variety of approaches to enhance the light extraction from LEDs.  These include LED surface structuring, PSS, photonic crystal applications, nano-wire LEDs and optical gratings.  The system can also be configured for photovoltaic, optics or biomedical manufacturing applications.

  • Principle: Contactless patterning - optical exposure
  • Resolution: Sub-µm patterning
  • Wafer diameter (substrates size / mm):  Pieces up to 150 mm
  • Resist: Standard i-line / broad band resists
  • Pattern Type: Periodic / Pseudo periodic patterns (lines, cubic and hexagonal patterns) 
  • Wafer topography / particles: Invariant to topography and particles
  • Substrate materials: Sapphire, Si, SiC, GaAs, ceramic, metal
  • Typical customer application: HB-LED manufacturing, photonic gratings and polarizers, antireflection coatings, biological applications