EVG®560HBL Fully Automated Wafer Bonding System for HB-LED

Configurable for all wafer bonding processes such as eutectic, thermo compression, fusion bonding, or LowTemp plasma bonding.


The EVG®560HBL is a dedicated, fully automated wafer bonding system for High-Brightness LED (HB-LED) manufacturing. The flexible tool supports metal, adhesive and fusion bonds of various substrate types. Cassette-to-cassette operation, multisubstrate bonding capability and a modular design with up to four swap-in process modules make the EVG®560HBL the perfect solution for high-volume HB-LED manufacturing. EVG's field proven wafer bonding technology, as well as our unique approach to low temperature metal wafer bonding, results in highest throughput and yields.


Dedicated wafer bonding system for HB-LEDs

  • Highest throughput up to 160 bonds/h (2" wafer equivalents)
  • Optimized pressure and temperature uniformity for highest yield
  • Automatic handling of bowed and warped wafers

    Low temperature metal wafer bonding
  • Integrated pre-processing modules for low-temperature metal wafer bonding
  • Eutectic, Transient-Liquid-Phase (TLP) and thermo-compression bonding
  • E.g. Au-Au, Au-In, Au-Sn, Cu-Sn, Cu-Cu,..

    Fully automated system for high volume manufacturing
  • Cassette-to-cassette operation
  • Modular design with swap-in modules
  • Easy switch between wafer sizes

    EVG's field proven wafer bonding technology
  • In-situ low-force wafer wedge compensation and proprietary compliant layer technologies
  • Contact force options for high yield metal based bonds
  • Fast heating ramps and controlled cooling on external cooling station
  • Unique bond chamber design that allows for easy maintenance and minimal tool downtime

  • Total solution for HB-LEDs
  • Field-proven equipment for high volume manufacturing
  • Worldwide process engineering support
  • Worldwide customer support structure